Updating pioneer maps

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Change the way your drive with our flagship GPS navigation system that controls all your in-car essentials, including the very best in smartphone connectivity with Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Bluetooth.

It was better than the status quo in many ways when it launched but had obvious room for improvements.i OS 9.3 made significant improvements to Car Play by including the full Apple Music experience and upgraded Maps features.When i OS 10 debuts later this fall, Car Play will get even better thanks to a variety of small improvements that add up to simpler experience.Car Play already simplifies how you can use your i Phone in the car by reducing the number of apps you can interact with and shushing all notifications except calls, messages, and navigation alerts.Apps like Phone, Messages, and Maps are presented in an optimized user interface on the built-in screen in your car, and entertainment apps like Music and Podcasts let you control audio safely while driving.

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