Updating maps garmin 200

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I have seen videos and I have checked out links I have found that give me directions on how to update my gps unit for free. I dig the Garmin, works well, but don't feel like a map update is really worth the that Garmin charges for lifetime map updates. Do you live in LA and have found that having the most update maps are an absolute necessity...

I have tried many different things to update my gps but it wont work. Hello, I want to buy a garmin at USA with map and traffic lifetime update (I will be at USA next month) but I will use it in brazil.

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I've also heard that there are map updates you can purchase from Garmin, but without my device (its still being shipped to me) the site wont let me search through the available updates. I need a sat nav for a food delivery job so should i buy a new sat nav, update my sat nav for 60 pounds or carry on using it with 2007 maps?I recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 200 (October 2007) and have already updated the firmware twice now.If this is the case then you will need some Garmin map updates.It is only natural that you are searching for free map updates for your Nuvi 200.

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