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The age difference between husband and wife can be 3 – 5 years depending on tradition.Turkish wedding traditions can have guidelines depending upon widows or widowers, the care of a deceased family member’s family by remarriage, and there have been instances in the past of siblings marrying one another, but this no longer happens in today’s society.Afterward, there is almost always a reception involving food and dancing.The vast majority of couples opt to have children; the typical family size is two adults and two kids.When marrying with a Turkish man, the region plays a part in the type of marriage ceremony to be expected, the religion itself and intensity of belief in the religion the Turkish husband subscribes to is also very important in determining the type of wedding to be held.Turkish wedding tradition for traditional marriages dictates that the typical age for marriage for Turkish men is between 17 and 22, and for women it is between 17 and 20.Because no Koran passages are read, the ceremony is usually rather short.

(Arranged marriages are not as common as they once were, but Islamic law still technically prohibits pre-marital dating or courtship.) Usually, gifts are offered by the groom or exchanged between the groom's family and the bride's parents, though the tradition of a dowry is mostly only practiced in rural areas anymore.Paris Date: July 08, 2017 Conference & Workshop: Dr.Hasan Çolak will participate in a workshop on “Protégés of the Dutch, subjects of the Ottomans, beneficiaries of the Russians, and supporters of Greek nationalism: Identity Issues of Ottoman Greeks in Amsterdam” at a conference at The School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS).Turkish wedding traditions also include some marriages where husband and wife are determined after they are born, and there are some marriages still where a sister-in-law may step in as wife for a sister who is deceased.Traditionally, marriages lasted 40 days and 40 nights, but have been reduced in most cases to 3 regardless of the religion or culture.

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