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As far as demographics on swingers: it's obviously not easy to get reliable info, but my anecdotal experiences suggest that most couples are at least middle-class economically (which makes sense to me: if you're working three jobs to pay the rent, you're probably less likely to have time (and money) to spend on such activities).

I didn't find the population any more weird than the general population.

I consider myself pretty educated on various sexual subjects, but I am ignorant on this. I know sex happens, but do you walk in and just everyone is having sex?

I swing round twice, holding circle until I double jump, but he just doesn't make it. I am having heaps of trouble with the grapple bridge (crossing the lowlands).As a matter of fact, this started when the neighbor-woman asked her if she could kiss her husband. An old friend of mine, Lori, lost her husband to the other woman in their quadsome. She felt like a complete fool because her husband convinced her that swinging would "enhance" their sex life and marriage. But she was even more devastated when word got out that they had been swingers. The other woman doesn't love her husband and is fine with the F' buddy relationship. "Then Ralph said, "Okay, all you men take off your clothes.' So they did. and I guess Ole and I got here before everyone else." * * * * * Seriously, though, sj2: Call me an old poop, but I think you are quite right in thinking that your friend's new hobby will end in disaster. Clean, stay-at-home mom, legging-wearing, chastising Swinger with two kids under 6. If she is not comfortble with it, or one of the other parties, then, yes, it may end badly.Her kids were instantly made pariahs of their school, their church, and the neighborhood. So Lori packed up and moved across town for their sake and hoped their reputation didn't follow them. I'm sure this is some sort of paradox, so I'm going to continue to do so, if for no other reason than to see if the universe blinks out of existance.So her kids lost their father, their home and all their friends in one fell swoop. Seriously, the OPer has the absolute power to choose with whom they associate.

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