Stop adobe reader from updating

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If so, which one (if it's flash player 11, what will be effected by removing it)?

At once those are the only adobe things showing up under the control panel to uninstall as well as IOBit Uninstaller, is there some other way to remove it? If so, change it's status from Automatic to Manual to prevent it from starting at boot time.

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Every time I start my PC, Adobe Acrobat Updater starts in my processes list, and my PC drags until I end the process, it never opens on my screen and if I leave it in processes long enough, it just closes itself out.

It's full thing is "Adobe Flash Player 11 Active X (x64)".

Will removing one of those programs remove the acrobat updater as well?

It seemed as if the trick worked – but for a short duration. Even when you may be working, you may get constantly notified of new available updates. So how do you stop automatic Adobe updates – and other like it? Update Freezer is a simple application that runs on Windows XP and later versions.

The main aim of the application is to help you stop certain applications from starting updates automatically on their own.

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