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This page is all about helping you find the right person to ask and giving you ways to start a difficult conversation.

Someone else can often help you see your problem differently. Sometimes it’s just good to say what’s on your mind.

This might be an adult relation, a parent or a teacher. Some people believe that sexuality is not a constant thing and that it can change throughout your life.

This means you could have feelings for the opposite sex at one time in your life and that might change a few years later.

‘Out of the sample we took, 16 per cent of the respondents had no training in teaching sexuality education and the majority of teachers in the sample relied on in-service training, which is often a one off session of short duration and with a specific focus,’ says ARCSHS research fellow, Dr Marisa Schlichthorst.

For a third of the listed topic and especially for the more sensitive subject matter including same-sex attraction and sexual abuse, teachers indicated needing more assistance.

Here are some of the people licensed in Ontario to teach your children.

Or you could say that you’re asking for advice for a friend.

Your sexual identity can be described as how you see yourself in terms of who you are attracted to be it sexually or romantically.

However, about a fifth of the teachers named a lack of support in training, resources or by policy as reasons for not teaching a topic.

Just under 50 per cent of teachers said that they were careful about the topics they taught because of possible adverse community reactions.

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