Rapper eve dating a white man

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Even motivational speaker, entrepreneur and best selling author, Farrah Gray, weighed in on the topic of black women marrying white men in an article titled "Black Men Are Outraged" following Eve's marriage.Check out some of the responses from tweeters displaying their public reactions over Eve and Cooper's new marriage."I never thought it would seriously be something that I considered because of where we come from. But really..you bring it up in EVERY.single.fukking interview you do?Interracial dating is still not as prevalent in our community. It’s a new generation and it’s cool with me.” ”DMX is my dog,” She says. Either 1) she's not as comfortable dating interracially as she would have us believe or 2) she really, REALLY wants us to know that she's dating a white man.

“When people found out I was with a white dude, some people really came at me on Twitter,” Eve told The Voice. “People were like, ‘I can’t believe you’re with a white guy, what the f*** are you doing? But now, it’s totally fine.” The Philadelphia-born rapstress, who recently released her new album Lip Lock, admitted that even she found it hard to adapt to a relationship with a white man.

I got so many hateful tweets from people, and I don't understand hate...

When asked if she would like to settle down with Cooper, she says, "Yeah, I hope so.

“I’ve gotta say, even for me, it took a little bit of time to be comfortable being out with him [Cooper] in my music situation, because it’s different – it’s not considered the norm.

, Eve opens up about the backlash she got for dating outside her race, reveals her thoughts on female rap feuds and shares her thoughts on DMX and his substance abuse woes. Though Eve's latest album, Liplock, wasn't released with the fanfare of her previous recordings, the rapstress' return is marked by an openness about her career, her love life and her thoughts on the industry.

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