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Whispering to the legendary singer, Rickles asked if he'd do a favor for him to impress the woman he was with: Just come over and say, “Hello, Don.”Ten minutes later, a beaming Sinatra ambled over to Rickles' table and said, “Don! ”Rickles looked at him and in a loud voice said, “Not now, Frank! ”As he wrote in “Rickles' Book,” his 2007 memoir: “Everyone stopped talking. As Dean Martin once told the comic's audience at the Casbar: “Don Rickles is the funniest man in show business.

But don't go by me; I'm drunk.”But while he was a hit in Vegas, according to Phil Berger, author of “The Last Laugh,” a 1975 book, Rickles' aggressive insult humor was initially considered “too risky for TV.”That changed after he made his first appearance on Johnny Carson's “The Tonight Show” in 1965.“Hi, dumb-dumb,” Rickles greeted the King of Late Night.

To the strains of a bullfight trumpet fanfare as the curtain rose and a spotlight trained on center stage, Rickles unexpectedly burst through a side door and immediately began pelting his audience with insults as he made his way to the stage.“Sit up,” he said to one audience member.“Who picks out your clothes, Ray Charles? While Rickles was having drinks at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas some time later, his date for the evening excitedly noticed that Sinatra had arrived and was seated in a roped-off section with some celebrity friends.

” he said to another.“Look at the old broad,” he said. ”Well into the era of political correctness, Rickles continued his trademark jabs at everything from audience members' weight problems to their ethnicities.“There's a real Italian; you can smell the oil right here,” he said on stage at the Stardust in Las Vegas in 2006 when he was 80. After his date said she didn't believe that he knew Sinatra, Rickles excused himself and secretly went over to Sinatra's table. And then, God bless him, Frank fell down laughing.”SIGN UP for the free Classic Hollywood newsletter »By the early 1960s, Rickles was an institution at the Sahara Hotel's famous Casbar Lounge, where he'd score big laughs needling the celebrities who regularly showed up to see his shows and relished being the targets of his barbs.

Don Rickles was just another little known comic working a small club in Miami Beach in the 1950s when Frank Sinatra came in with his entourage.“Make yourself comfortable, Frank — hit somebody,” said Rickles as the notoriously moody singer paused, and then broke into laughter.

Without missing a beat, Rickles hit the accelerator.

“It is only the most unusual of circumstances that gets us marching in the streets.

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