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The first Songhai king, Alayaman, founded the Zuwa Dynasty.

Earlier scholars called them the Dia or Za Dynasty.

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This urban culture dated back to the first millennium BC.

A contributor to the BBC programme, Douglas Park, mentioned that archaeologists have found no evidence of warfare from these early cities.

However, Professor Diop cautions that with the rise Islam in West and Central Africa, later African chroniclers began to alter the genealogies of African dynasties and create legends to tie them to an Arabian or Yemenite origin.

According to archaeologists, in Old Djenné, the earliest inhabitants cooked and ate perch and catfish, and supplemented this with the flesh of crocodiles, tortoises and waterfowl. According to Al Yaqubi writing in 872 AD: ‘Kawkaw is the greatest sovereignty of the Negroes, the most important and influential, to whom all the kingdoms pay allegiance …

African Queens Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history. Carter Godwin Woodson, distinguished Black author, editor, publisher, and historian (December 1875 - April 1950). Woodson believed that Blacks should know their past in order to participate intelligently in the affairs in our country.

He strongly believed that Black history - which others have tried so diligently to erase - is a firm foundation for young African Americans to build on in order to become productive citizens of our society.

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