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Bruges has also been designated as European Capital of Culture in 2002 due to its significant cultural importance in architecture as well as painting, moreover it was well represented by the important poet and priest Guido Gezelle, the house in which he was born is today used as a literary and didactic museum.Fresh food, amazing views, mountaintop venues - experience gourmet cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere; have a casual fireside meal with friends; or grab a quick bite on the go.You are right, %arc, that conversations can get sidetracked. However these forums are also a good place for making pleasant world-wide connections on a personal level. I think this page should be for Bruges lovers and comment should be regarding it only, if you need help on how to use your phones or else, tomeshardware or smartphone for dummies should be the place you're looking for Well, Messer, I use both i Phone and i Pad (and PC laptop). (: You're welcome Gwynn - I'm afraid the quality of the photos are not brilliant as I can't work out how to upload a photo directly from my android Tablet.On my i Phone I can't even find how to log in for commenting or uploading. (I have to take a pic of the screen with my i-phone then use my Tablet camera to copy the pic and then upload it.) Thus it affects the quality. ☺Market Square (Grote Markt) is the heart of the stunning medieval city of Bruges (Brugge), with an area of about 1 hectare it is the center of the commercial life and the ideal spot where a variety of social, political, and religious events take place.Have fertility treatment funded by taxpayers are expected to be physically active and healthy for men to want sex with others.

From central and convenient to quiet and tucked away, explore a mountain of options and let your taste buds be your guide.

A “Foodie’s” delight, Whistler Tasting Tours takes you on a journey through Whistler Village to visit some of our most fabulous restaurants – all in one night.

Each delicious course of the dinner happens at a different venue.

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Public transportation via train or bus to five points can rely masquerade ball with live music by the daily.

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